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High performance catalysts from Evonik

Evonik is one of the leading global specialty chemical companies and has been at the forefront of chemical catalysts for almost 40 years. Today Evonik is a fully integrated partner in catalysts bringing catalyst ideas to life and creating value for its customers with its passion and focus.

The Industrial & Petrochemicals segment is one of three main markets for the Catalysts Business Line of Evonik. A vital component of this is our Petrochemical applications featuring an extensive portfolio of Continues Process Catalysts and supports (CPC). Evonik’s Petrochemicals customers can avail of specially developed proprietary catalysis solutions for applications such as selective hydrogenation of dienes or acetylenes in C3 and C4 streams, ­ ­α-methyl styrene (AMS) in the Hock phenol process, or acetylene in vinyl chloride (VCM) production. In the area of oxidation reactions Evonik has catalysts for producing vinyl acetate (VAM) from ethylene and acetic acid.