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EKME S.A. is a Construction & Maintenance Contractor and Pressure Equipment and Modular Units Supplier in the field of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries with a 42year history and experience. Headquarters and main factory and assembly yard are located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece very close to the harbor of Thessaloniki that it gives us a competitive advantage to serve a multitude of geographical regions. EKME has extensive experience in both Greenfield and Brownfield construction projects in the upstream and downstream sectors, including tank farm works. In addition, EKME is a premier maintenance contractor for General Shut Downs. Our fabrication capabilities are substantial and it is considered one of the largest fabricator in SE Europe in Pressure Vessels, S&T Heat Exchangers, Reactors and Columns, including heavy wall equipment. EKME is also a major skid/modular unit supplier specialized in the complete engineering and in-house manufacture and assembly of Modular Units. Our company is certified to ISO 9000, ISO 14000 & OHSAS 18000, qualified to EN 3834-2 and a holder of the ASME U, U2 and S stamps.