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Peter Tijm

Chief Technology Officer
Standard Alcohol Company of America

An expert in catalysis/process and the economy of synthetic fuels and chemicals, and industry insider, Mr. Tijm is the author of the book “Gas to Liquids, Fischer-Tropsch, Advanced Energy Technology, Future’s Pathway.” Peter is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from Delft Technical University and in Economics and Management from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He joined Shell in The Hague in 1973, starting an international career that would last over 23 years with the company. While working for Shell, he managed the construction and operation of over $2B in refinery projects, including Karachi, Pakistan (gas treating & upgrading facility), Cressier, Switzerland (refinery), Gothenburgh, Sweden (refinery), Bintulu, Malaysia (gas-to-liquids [GTL] plant), and Buggenum, Netherlands (coal gasification plant).
After leaving Shell, Peter consulted on over $20B in projects for Shell, Air Products, Rentech and others. He also took the lead in technology development, from its initiation in the laboratory to industrial realization, in coal gasification and the Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis process that is currently the largest GTL refinery in the world. This also included commercialization of novel products. Peter speaks eight languages, is (co)author of over 70 papers, and holder of 13 patent series.

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