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Dr. Anton Nagy

ILS Integrated Lab Solutions

Dr. Anton Nagy is a US-American with a PhD in Technical Chemistry from the from the group of Prof. Rutger van Santen at the Technical University of Eindhoven.

His interest in heterogeneous catalysis began in the group of Bill Moser at the Worchestire Polytechnical Institute where he did his Master’s work in the synthesis of unique nano-structured bismuth molybdenum catalsts for acrolein synthesis.

After completing his PhD work on formaldehydes synthesis catalysts he led a microreaction engineering group and participated in a high-throughput experimentation group at Bayer, Leverkusen. Here he worked on miniaturizing, parallelizing and automating R&D units for a wide variety of Bayer-relevant chemistries from polyol synthesis to propylene oxidation.

He then moved on to Avantium in Amsterdam and had the pleasure of working at Avantium in it’s early days as a start-up company. He was quickly promoted to Sr. Project leader and let multiple projects in high-throughput heterogeneous catalyst development.

In 2003 he founded ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions in Berlin and has worked there ever since. From an initial humble investment from his Grandparents he has grown the company to a 30-man/woman company, which is a well-known world-leader in the design and construction of laboratory R&D equipment

Dr. Anton Nagy will be speaking at:

Novel High-Throughput Reactor System For Optimal Performance Testing Of Both Front And Back-End Acetylene Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts

2016/11/15 14:25 - 00:00

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