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Central Europe Energy Partners represents the interests of the energy and energy-intensive companies from Central Europe in order to strengthen the region’s energy security within the framework of a common EU energy and energy security policy.

CEEP is an international non-profit association with its headquarters in Brussels (Belgium) and a branch in Berlin (Germany). It is the first major body to represent the widely understood Central Europe energy sector (coal, gas, oil, renewables, nuclear, grids, and energy-intensive industries such as steel and chemicals, etc.) at the EU level.

Since 2009, the Association for the Petrochemical, Chemical and Refining Industries (AIPQR) has been responsible for the cluster management of these industries in Portugal, bringing together companies operating in the sector, research and training institutions, maritime port authorities and municipalities, among others.

AIPQR is focused primarily on promoting the competitiveness and integration level of these industries, aiming to operate in every stage of its value chains.

AIPQR’s strategy follows three main lines of action:

Competitiveness – by promoting infrastructural development and by reducing energy, utilities and logistics costs.

Innovation/Organisational skills – AIPQR promotes a closer relationship between Industry and Academia. Since 2009, the Association has launched several initiatives in this field, including a Doctoral Programme in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering, involving R&D projects carried out in industry settings. This Doctoral Programme  was developed through a partnership between AIPQR, its member companies and five of the main universities in Portugal. It has been tailored specifically to meet the advanced training needs in a wide range of areas of knowledge and business related to the main fields of activity of national and multinational companies operating in Portugal. Areas of work for the doctoral research studies are proposed by these companies.

Social Responsibility – AIPQR promotes corporate social responsibility mainly by implementing discussion panels involving industries, local communities and other stakeholders. These panels focus on information-sharing with the communities in areas of common interest and contribute to the sustainable development of the regional economies.

In 2013, AIPQR was awarded the European Cluster Management Excellence label (Bronze) by ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis).

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