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Alpha Robotix

Alpha Robotix is a company specialized in providing services with remotely piloted vehicles (drones) mainly to the industrial sector.

We deliver fully customized services, adopting best in class field proven technology. Our solutions and services result in increased efficiency, improved safety and enhanced security.

Drones are used for close visual and thermal inspections of industrial assets  (stacks, flares etc.) without disrupting operations. Special drones are also used for the confined and inaccessible places (tanks, boilers etc.) without the need for operators to enter in potentially dangerous areas.

Alpha Robotix recognizes that the improper  use of drones can result in severe risks for plant security. For these reasons Robotix delivers temporary and permanent solution for the protection of sites from unauthorized intrusion of drones.

We are headquartered in Pisa, Italy and we one of the few ISO9001:2015 certified drone operators.

Alpha Robotix is controlled by Alpha Process Control, a company implementing optimization and advanced process control strategies to Oil&Gas and Petrochemical industries worldwide.