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Louis Burns

Global Licensing Manager for Fuels Technologies

Louis Burns is the Global Licensing Manager for Fuels Technologies with ExxonMobil’s Catalysts and Licensing group.  Louis has 20+ years of experience in several facets of catalyst technology, from research and development, catalyst development and manufacture, business management, sales and licensing.  Louis began his career with Exxon Research and Development Laboratories as a researcher in 1995 focusing on catalyst and process development for Advanced Gas Conversion process.  Following the merger between Exxon and Mobil, Louis focused on hydroprocessing catalyst and process technology for heavy feeds including hydrocracking.  In 2007, Louis joined Albemarle Corporation as a hydroprocessing specialist and business manager in their hydroprocessing division.  Louis returned to ExxonMobil in 2012 as a Catalyst Product Manager covering catalyst applications for ExxonMobil’s downstream portfolio including both Fuels and Lube catalyst technologies.  Louis was recently promoted to Global Licensing Manager for Fuels Technologies in the newly formed ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing global business unit within ExxonMobil.  Louis has a B.S. and M.S. from Louisiana State University.

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