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Joris Mertens

Senior Staff Consultant

Joris is a Senior Staff Consultant with 27 years of experience in the hydrocarbon industry. In his 20 years with KBC he has been working mostly as a hydroprocessing expert in refinery margin and configuration improvement studies for some 50 oil refineries in 30 countries. He has also been involved in more focussed Energy, Hydrogen Network and LPG recovery and Refinery-Petrochemical Integration studies. Joris has authored articles on refinery carbon footprinting and hydrogen plant efficiency.

–      How far will the high sulphur fuel market contract in 2020? The refiners are in an urgent bind to determine the action required to meet the challenge that the IMO regulation and also the coming CO2 emissions post to shippers. KBC will present an overview of the shipping industry response and the steps taken by the refining industry to date.

–      The challenges refiners are facing are site specific. The variable set of local environmental regulations, size and complexity, region, coastal proximity, and capital access is further complicating strategy optimization. These choices can be the difference between remaining operational vs shutdown from a lack of investment. Capital investment options and options such as crude selection, repurposing or blending options are laid-out.

–      Integrated investment optimization requires market forecasts and accurate refinery yield predictions.  A optimization path forward including both is presented and the role of refinery modeling is further detailed.  Along with the modeling is the ability to move directly into engineering with the confidence to reduce the period for start to oil in.

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