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Dr. Alan Del Paggio

Vice President
CRI Catalyst Company

Dr. Del Paggio is currently Vice President of CRI Catalyst Company, a fully owned merchant catalyst business within the Shell group of companies.  Dr. Del Paggio has 30 years of experience in the development and commercialization of new catalyst formulations for use in petrochemical, unconventional heavy oil, gas-to-liquids and renewable hydrocarbon production processes.  He also has 8 years of experience leading the development and pre-commercial manufacture of high temperature hydrogen permeable palladium alloy membranes.  His current commercial portfolio includes delivering commercial catalysts for selective whole crude and unconventional heavy oil processing, the Shell Gas-To-Liquids process and leading the onward development and commercialization of the biomass-direct-to-hydrocarbon fuels IH2*technology invented by Gas Technology Institute.  Dr. Del Paggio received his BS Degree in Chemistry from Purdue University in 1982 and his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from UC Berkeley in 1986 as a National Science Foundation pre-doctoral fellow.

*IH2 is a trademark of Gas Technology Institute

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