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Amin El-Aissami

Technical Service Engineer
Technical Service Engineer Criterion

Amin El Aissami is a Technical Service Engineer with Criterion Catalysts & Technologies. His primary responsibility is to provide technical support to Criterion’s customers via unit monitoring, troubleshooting, startup and evaluation of margin improvement opportunities. His primary focus is on Naphtha, Distillates and CatFeed hydrotreaters. Prior to Criterion, Amin spent 9 years in operational support, optimization and catalysts evaluation of HF Alkylation and FCC units.

Amin holds a Master’s Degree in Process and Energy Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Los Andes University, Venezuela.

Expert Solutions for Customized Performance – Precision Tuned Stacked Catalyst Systems

  • Catalyst technology has developed by leaps and bounds in the last two decades. This has been driven by many factors; the switch to ULSD, increases in required performance and increasing demand for distillate yield.
  • Catalyst technology companies have been introducing a new line of catalysts every 4 – 5 years to improve HDS, HDN and hydrogenation activity. Use of these products alone provides solid performance, but a key feature of these products is their synergistic behavior when expertly applied in a stacked system.
  • This presentation will share case studies where this approach has provided value to refiners all over the world.


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